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Incognito dancing in Dublin & Cork

Incognito is a secret art sale in aid of charity. Over 1000 artist donate over 2500 postcard size artworks for sale in the Solomon Gallery, Dublin and the Lavit Gallery, Cork. Amongst those works are those from the likes of Bono and Paul Costelloe this year and Tracy Emin in the past. The suprise of this art sale is that, as the name suggests, anyone who purchases a

piece of art for €50 doesn’t know who the artist is until they turn it over to reveal the name on the back.

Every cent from Incognito is used to fund Jack & Jill’s home nursing-care for very sick children, who do better at home, where they are well cared for by their parents with critical support from Jack & Jill nurses and carers.

Find out more here:

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