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I'm a freelance artist working out of my studio at Harrow Arts Centre in North West London and  I hand paint original watercolour illustrations.  

I enjoy painting in watercolour with it’s spontaneous, fluid, splashy nature which lends itself particularly to movement.  My art was originally inspired by my dancing daughter.  I love the feelings of freedom, energy and invincibility that dance creates and aim to portray the essence of a powerful, graceful dancer in motion.

I sketch from life,  then with the aid of photos turn those sketches into final works.  My daughter's dancing days didn't last too long so I've had to find inspiration elsewhere.  I sketch a few times a year during the National Ballet rehearsals and have recently been sketching the very talented Harrow School of Gymnastics squad during practice. 

I'm self taught however supplement my learning with classes locally and at City Lit in Covent Garden.

I’ve worked for 20 years as a Product Manager in mobile telecoms and IT and still do some part time IT support.  I volunteer a couple of times a week with St. Luke's Hospice in Kenton, where I enjoy spending time creating art with the patients.

I post my sketches and works in progress on Instagram and Facebook where you can follow my journey.  Please sign up to my mailing list if  you'd like to keep up to date with what I am working on and any special offers.


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