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Soft drinks designs inspired by tales of Sicilian forbidden love, jealousy and revenge

Recently I was asked to come up with a design for a range of Sicilian soft drinks.  Sicily is jam packed with history, mythology and folktales - all intertwined - a rich source of inspiration.    I came across the legend of Isabella, a noble girl and Lorenzo.   Their tragic story, full of love jealousy and revenge is immortalised in the Moor Head Vases (Testa di Moro) that you’ll find all over Sicily.

Set during the Arab period, Lorenzo, a poor local boy falls in love with Isabella.  Together they embark on a passionate secret love affair until they are discovered by Isabella’s disapproving elder brothers.  In a fit of anger and rage they murder Lorenzo, cutting off his head.  Isabella, out of her mind with grief and despair hides Lorenzo’s head in a vase and covers it with Basil.  The plant blossoms, watered with her eternal tears,  inspiring the Sicilian vases that you’ll see planted with all sorts from lemons to cactus.


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