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Jubilee Judging

Fabulous weekend. It kicked off with some judging of a kids jubilee art contest with the local Mayor and photographer June Cadogan. I can't tell you how unbelievably hard it was to pick winners in each category. Such wonderful work from every child and something remarkable to notice in each piece.

Loved the cutest grandma queen, the symbolism in so many, the shading - look at Jacks, the pearly queen and wow- those colourful stamps - what a fab idea! Too many to post but they were all terrific - well done.

And after all that taxing judging - off down to St Leonard's on Sea to see some of my favourite people and a favourite restaurant - Oscars on the Square. Here I have some of my art on permanent display but every month Oscars bring in a new set of artworks from local artists - so always something new. If you're down that way it's at Warrior Square - entrance on the beach. Fab food and drinks and a lovely warm welcome - you won't regret it.


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