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A Creative Journey: Reflecting on 2023

Hello Creative Souls,

As we approach the end of this vibrant year, it’s time to reflect on the whirlwind of creativity that has unfolded. After a 4 year break, I was so excited to welcome you all back to my workshops this summer. Since June, this artistic journey has been nothing short of incredible. It's been an absolute delight to paint with each and every one of you, thank you.

Here's a glance at the canvas of memories we've painted together in 2023.

Watercolour Adventures Unleashed

In June, during Harrow Open Studios we dipped our brushes into the world of watercolours as we soaked up the summer sunshine. Each brushstroke flowed with delicate, happy little wildflowers.

Market Moments at Ruislip & Harrow Duck Pond

The late August Bank Holdiay saw us painting sweet peas and further markets evolved to dragonflies and lots of festive gnomes. Surrounded by local artisans, so many of you took a pit stop to paint with me, thank you.

Harrow Art Centre

WOW, so many workshops at Harrow Art Centre. We've painted London, dragonflies, so many seascapes and flowers, endless flowers. We've had a few children's classes too that they filled with gorgeous colourful creations.

All things Festive

We got into the silly season with lots of Christmas themed art and I've got to say, I think the gnomes were my all time favourite this year. Well done everyone.

Community Art Exhibition Under A Winter Sky

As the year drew to a close, our art found a home under the winter sky in the Greenhill Art Pod. 'Under a Winter Sky' celebrated the creations born from our workshops, turning an outdoor gallery into a canvas of shared stories and imaginative expressions. It's running until 10th January, free to view, find out more here.

Looking Forward to 2024 This year has been a beautiful journey, and as we step into a new one, the canvas is wide open for more creativity. I’m immensely grateful to each of you for being part of this artistic adventure. For those of you alreay on my mailing list, you've been automatically entered in to a prize draw for a free place at one of my art workshops in 2024. For those that would like to enter, it's not too late, sign up by 12th January - you can do so here.

The winner will be notified by the end of January.

Stay Tuned for More Workshops and Artful Tales in 2024

Let’s carry the spirit of creativity into the coming year. From watercolour wonders to market escapades and community exhibitions, the canvas of 2023 is a testament to the magic we can create together. Thank you for being a part of this artistic voyage.

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a canvas full of new adventures in the upcoming year. Warm regards


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