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Incognito 2022 - the mystery art sale

Wow, the incognito 2020 art sale sold 3229 original artwork in a matter of hours raising over 300k euro for the children's charity - the Jack and Jill foundation.

I was excited to have 3 works up for grabs. Incognito is a secret art sale in aid of charity. Over 1200 artists donated postcard size artworks. Amongst those works this year were some from incredible artists including Robert Ballagh, Una Sealy, Jill & Gill, Asbestos and Helen Steele. The surprise of this sale is that, as the name suggests, anyone who purchases a piece of art for €50 doesn’t know who the artist is until they turn it over to reveal the name on the back.

These pieces arose out of a collaboration with Professional Ballerina T.J.Milne. I was inspired by her thoughtful approach to life, my own yoga practice and the aim of setting positive intentions for each day. All were created in watercolour, ink and gold gilding.


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