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"Unlock Your Creativity: Find the Best Art Classes in Harrow for you"

Visit the Greenhill art pod to find out more about watercolour art classes in Harrow. It's running until Wednesday 28th Feb. I run individually bookable classes at Harrow Art Centre and you'll find examples of the workshops on display.

Classes are aimed at adult beginners upwards plus I also run some children's classes during the summer holidays.

I believe that having a creative outlet has real health benefits for the mind and body. Art is a skill that can be learned and not some magical gift only bestowed on the chosen few. My wish is that this exhibition will inspire others to make time for themselves and hopefully try something creative!

Where is the Greenhill Art Pod?

It's in Harrow Town Centre, near the old Debenham's building, just round the corner from Lloyds bank.

How can I find out more about your art classes?

Check out my website here

or sign up to my mailing list to be first to know when new ones are released

Happy Painting!


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