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Splash into Summer: Unleash Your Creativity at the Wildflower Watercolour Workshop!

Hey there, art enthusiasts and creative souls! Mark your calendars for this Saturday, June 10th, because something truly delightful is happening at Harrow Arts Centre in Hatch End. As part of the fantastic Harrow Open Studios' events, yours truly, a freelance illustrator with a knack for splashy, energetic watercolour illustrations, is inviting all of you to my studio for a fun-filled painting extravaganza!

Get ready to unleash your artistic spirit as we dive into the mesmerising world of watercolours. Together, we'll explore the magic of fluid brushstrokes and the captivating dance of colours. This time, we'll be focusing on the beauty of wildflowers, painting them in a loose, free-flowing style using some unconventional techniques. Salt, sticks, and plenty of splashes will be our trusty companions on this artistic journey.

No need to worry about a thing because I've got you covered. All the paper and paint will be provided, and you won't even have to reach for your wallet—it's on the house! Whether you're an experienced artist or a curious beginner, this event is for everyone. Bring your friends, your family, or even your neighbours cat! (Well, maybe not the cat, but you get the idea.)

Remember, it's happening between 11am and 5pm, with hourly sessions throughout the day. Just drop by whenever it suits you, and let your creativity bloom. Oh, and did I mention? It's completely free! Plus, there's plenty of free parking available, so no need to stress about finding a spot.

Now, take a look at the handy map below, because my studio is nestled in a cozy corner. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to paint, create, and have a blast! Let's make this Saturday a splash-tastic day to remember. Can't wait to see you there!


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