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Introducing the HAC Studio Artists

Join us at the Greenhill Art Pod in Harrow Town Centre during May and June for a vibrant rolling celebration of art from the resident artists at Harrow Art Centre.

Week 1 - June, Photographer: Capturing moments in time with her lens, June invites you to view the world through her photographic artistry.

Week 2 - Karen, Perviz & Sneha, Ceramicists: Delve into the world of ceramics. Explore their intricate pottery creations that blend tradition with contemporary design.

Week 3 - Humay & Mark, Fine Art Painters: Let their brush strokes transport you to ethereal landscapes and emotive portraits. Immerse yourself in the world of fine artistry.

Week 4 - Kerry, Watercolour Illustrator and Tutor: Dive into the flowing world of watercolours and find out more about her illustration work and classes.

Plus - don’t miss our HAC Open Studio Day: On Sat 22nd June, our doors will swing open to welcome you. Join us for demos and taster sessions at Harrow Art Centre. Experience the magic of our creative spaces, chat with the artists, and perhaps find inspiration to unleash your own artistic journey.

To be part of the artistic heartbeat of Harrow and to reserve your spot on our open day sessions, visit Harrow Art Centre website from May.


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