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Call for entries: Join Our Winter Community Art Exhibition - Under a Winter Sky!

Hello, art enthusiasts and creators! I hope this message finds you with a paint brush in hand. Today, I come with an exciting invitation that brings our creative community together in a burst of color and inspiration. The "Under a Winter Sky" Art Exhibition.

From 11th December 2023 to 12th January 2024, our collective artwork will grace the outdoor Greenhill Gallery in Harrow. It's not just an exhibition; it's a celebration of the beauty we've coaxed onto paper during our art workshops AND an invitation to others to discover the well-being benefits of creating.

I would love the opportunity to showcase some of your beautiful artwork that we have created together. I believe that having a creative outlet has real health benefits for the mind and body. My wish is that our exhibition will inspire others to make time for themselves and hopefiully try some painting!

How to Participate: If you'd like to see your work under the winter sky, here's how:

1. Submission Deadline: Bring or post your artwork to the Box Office at Harrow Art Centre by 10th December.

2. Mark it for my attention: Please ensure your creation stands out by marking it specifically for Kerry Slack.

3. Details on the Back: Don't forget to write your name, email address, or telephone number on the back.

4. No Frames Needed: Your artwork doesn't need to be framed.

Send Your Art to:

Kerry Slack

C/O Box Office

Greenhill Art Pod Community Exhibition

Harrow Art Centre

171 Uxbridge Rd

Hatch End


5. Your work will be available for collection from the Art Centre from 14th January

Visit the Greenhill Art Pod: For those strolling in Harrow Town Centre, take a detour to the Greenhill Art Pod. You might just catch a glimpse of some of my dance illustrations currently on display. It's a creative spot, just around the corner from Lloyds Bank.

PLUS PLUS PLUS - Free 2024 Workshop Giveaway! I'm thrilled to announce a special giveaway. A free 2024 workshop awaits a randomly selected person from my mailing list. If you're already on my list, consider yourself automatically entered into the draw. If not, you can sign up here. The winner will be unveiled by the end of January. Good luck!

Thank you for adding your unique brushstrokes to my classes, making each session a vibrant tapestry of creativity. Let's make this Winter Community Art Exhibition a spectacular celebration of our shared artistic journey. Looking forward to seeing your masterpieces under the winter sky!


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