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   Commission a painting   

I absolutely love getting photos from happy customers.  This is a recent commission for a super talented squad gymnast.

Commission Ella Hold.jpg
Ballet Acrylic

"Beautiful Ella captured forever mid-air.  Absolutely gorgeous!"

Gymnastics commission watercolour.JPG
Gymnastics Watercolour

Dynamic dance and gymnastic commissions, painted from your favourite photographs...

Commissions Gymnastics 1.jpg
Gymnastics Acrylic

I absolutely love getting photos from happy customers.  This is a recent commission for a super talented squad gymnast.



Four easy steps to commissioning a fabulous painting...

  1. Choose the style and size of painting

  2. Email me the photo you'd like me to use

  3. I paint the artwork and send you a photo to approve, along with an invoice which includes all the details of how to pay me

  4. When I receive payment, I dispatch the painting to you immediately

Small Watercolour

148 x 210mm / 5'83 x 8'27"


Large Watercolour

297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5"


Medium Watercolour

210 x 297mm / 8'3 x 11'7"


Large Acrylic on

Linen Canvas Board

305 x 406mm / 12 x 16"




I look forward to working closely with you to paint your special memories and to create a painting that you will be happy to display.  


I have a contemporary semi abstract style rather than photorealistic.  I aim to capture the emotion and movement in a figure and as such my designs are unique, will depart from your original photo and use the beauty of watercolour especially to add splashes of creativity.  Please take a look at my prints and instagram to get a good feel for my style.

How long does it take?

My waiting list is generally 1-3 months, the painting will take several hours over the course of a week.  I don't paint the entire painting in one go, I like to step back and review the painting regularly.

If you need the painting for a special date, let me know before you book and if you're looking to get one as a Christmas present I'd recommend contacting me as early as August, as busy quickly later in the year.

What photo should I use?

The quality of the image you send me is the most important part of your order and crucial to the success of the final artwork.  Let's make sure yours is just right:

The majority of my customers provide professionally shot photos from competitions, rehearsals or taken in the dance/gym environment.  All we need here is permission from the photographer to use their photo and I can arrange that for you.

However, I know many of you will have taken photos at events that hold special memories.  I have many treasured photos of my dancing daughter.   These can be a bit tricker as often they are at a distance and the lighting may not be so good.  If you have a favourite photo, send it to me, in many cases I can still make it work.

If you're planning on taking a photo:


Use a smartphone or high quality camera for an in focus high resolution photo

Get as close as you comfortably can to capture the movement

Don't worry about other people in the shot or a cluttered/distracting background, none of this will be included.

However, do try and avoid a strong light such as a window behind your dancer/gymnast as it throws the figure into silhouette and the details are lost.

Avoid overly filtered photos

What if I don't like the final painting?

Before I begin painting I will email you a rough sketch with a colour scheme for you to approve.  This helps make sure we are both on the same page design wise and if something isn’t quite right I can change the design easily.  So don’t be afraid to speak up and let me know if a colour is wrong or something needs changing and I’ll happily alter that for the final artwork.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, once the painting is completed I'll send you a photo of the artwork for you to approve.  If you're happy then I'll ship the painting immediately upon payment.

Do you share my painting on social media?

I enjoy sharing my work on social media as I progress.  If this presents an issue, please let me know so that I can keep your painting private.  Please feel free to share my progress pictures on your own social sites - much of my work is from referrals and being found online.  As an independent freelance artist this is very helpful to me!

Does it come framed?

No, it is unframed and unmounted as the majority of customers like to choose their own frame to suit their decor.  The artwork is sized to fit standard frame sizes from the major retailers.   However, I can include framing as an option (£45-85 depending on choice) plus UK postage £9.99, International from £15 depending on destination.

Is postage included?

UK shipping is free for unframed commissions and £9.99 for framed artwork. International orders will be quoted at time of order.


All orders are securely packed and tracked.


Like my style and want to know more?

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